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Our PATENTED Hybrid pedestal pavers  allow for self leveling, single model for all height applications, screw adjustable, PVC pipe adjustable and are stack-able.
Tile Tech Pedestal System is designed for concrete pavers, porcelain pavers or IPE deck tiles to lay level over a built up roofs & decks.
Our Cool-Roof™ pavers utilize a high reflective value and low emissivity rate resulting in a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value; Tile Tech Cool-Roof™ pavers have a minimum SRI value of 78. This high SRI value allows you to meet the needs for “LEED” certified projects when used on your roof and decks.
Granite-Tech™ pavers are designed to mimic the natural beauty of granite. They are produced under extreme hydraulic pressure by bonding crushed granite & limestone together within a color cement matrix duplicating the forces of nature. The pavers are then ground to expose the beauty of the natural granite chips and can be honed or shot blasted resulting in a granite-like, slip resistant & high strength paver.
Stamp-Tech™ pavers are manufactured in wide range of designs and sizes in addition to endless colors & aggregate mixes and can be manufactured in various surface designs. Our wide design options range from a simple Flat monochromatic finish, Slate-Face™ finish to a more distinct look such as the Coral-Face™ or Wave-Face™ designs.


IPE Deck Tiles are specifically designed for installation on our pedestal supports, enabling decks with a perfectly horizontal surface to be built over sloping or irregular surfaces. Tile Tech’s IPE Wood Tiles are constructed from kiln dried 1×3 IPE wood face slats secured to 3 IPE wood support runners (battens) using corrosion resistant stainless steel screws.
Porcelain Pavers are comprised of a 20mm single layer of load-bearing porcelain designed for use in conjunction with raised pedestals and deck support systems as well as other dry installation and traditional fixing methods. In addition to its technical and aesthetic properties, our porcelain pavers range can meet a number of important safety requirements for exterior floor coverings in public places, combining an anti-slip surface with extreme wear & weather resistance.
Manufactured in accordance with the requirements set forth in the American Disabilities Act (ADA), Tile Tech Detectable Warning Paver is fabricated with a non-slip texture produced by shot blasting technique. Projects will benefit from its high 8,000psi strength and ability to withstand snow removal and freeze thaw conditions. Typical installations include railway platforms, handicap ramps and curb and grade changes.