Available Styles of Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers Styles

If one would count the number of concrete paver styles, he or she would take more than their own lifetime to finish counting, because it is that limitless.  It would even vary for every country, as some concrete paver styles are available in one country but unavailable to another.  However, the same cannot be said for the concrete paver patio.  What will be discussed are the common types of concrete paver styles.  One would be cold asphalt, which is a mixture of bitumen and finely crushed gravel or stone (macadam) spread on top of a thin coat of bitumen emulsion to ‘tack’ it in place, and then compacted between temporary or permanent edging to form a tough, waterproof surface.  It is normally used to resurface an existing drive or path.  It is not suitable for making a new drive, but can be used for a new path provided that the sub-base can be firmly compacted, generally by using a plate vibrator.  This style is not suitable as a concrete paver patio.

Another of the concrete paver styles is of the stone chipping type, which can be scattered on cold asphalt as a decorative dressing, or used alone as a surface dressing, bound together with a thick coat of bitumen emulsion, to give a firm, waterproof surface.  It is also normally used to resurface an existing drive, but can be used for a new path provided that the sub-base can be firmly compacted, generally by using a plate vibrator.  Colors include grayish-white, pink and grey-green.  It is cheap and easy to lay.  It is best suited for light traffic, but loose chippings may be thrown up by tires.  The ground needs to be treated with weed killer before the chippings are laid.  This style is also good as a concrete paver patio, especially in gardens.

The last of the concrete paver styles to be tackled is the gravel type, which is a mixture of coarse sand and small stones laid loose on a firm surface.  It can be a difficult surface for walking on or pushing a bicycle across, thus unsuitable for a drive, but it can be best used as a concrete paver patio.  The stones used are normally well-rounded pea gravel of a single size, either 10 mm or 20 mm.  This type of style requires regular raking or rolling.  It is available in white or various shades of brown.

Concrete pavers come in a literally endless number of styles. Pavers are often manufactured and supplied on a regional basis and thus the same paver may not be available throughout the country.

The same project can use two or more different colors of concrete pavers. Textures can also be mixed. Roman is tumbled to soften the edges and give the classic look of hand hewn stone. The earth tone colors harmonize with any decor, blending naturally into the landscape, aging gracefully to provide paving with a timeless elegance.

The classic look of an octagon combined with a square. Good interlocking characteristics make Cobble one of the most versatile paver shapes. The subtle earth tones and color blends make this paver one of the first choices of paving projects.