Paver Appearance Comparison

Comparison of Paver Appearance

Concrete Pavers give a wide range of surface finishes —smooth to textured. Many available colors, shapes, and laying patterns can compliment the architectural style of your home.

Cobble Stone

Gives elegant, permanent, yet informal “Old World” feel.

Stamped Concrete

Surface is usually colored. Patterns look good from a distance, but close up surface looks artificial.

Clay Paver

Mostly shades of red and red-brown. Limited number of shapes available. Grey or light brown.

Ordinary Concrete

Grey or light brown. Can be colored throughout or on surface only.


Limited color options. Difficult to get neat looking edges. Cracks will likely develop. Stamped and colored asphalt looks fake.

Crushed Stone or Gravel

Typically a rustic look.
Appearance varies with color and shape of stones.