Interlocking Pavers Manufacturing

Manufacturing Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers are manufactured by machinery in factories. They consist of both fine and coarsely grained aggregate, along with cement compounds.

The ingredients are put through pressure and vibration courses, which produce a strong, durable concrete that can then be molded into various shapes and designs.

During the pressure and vibration courses, color is added to give a more appealing design feature.

This is a quick production process, for these pavers do not need to be cured over time, they are ready instantly for paving.

How Are Interlocking Pavers Manufactured?

During the manufacturing process the paver is designed so that there are ridges on the wall of the paver.

This is so that when they are placed with sand between them they do not move and thus interlock. Interlocking ensures a very uniform and secure surface that distributes weight and can sustain heavy and frequent traffic while still being slightly moveable to resist cracking from temperature change or earth movement. Because they are kept firmly in place without the use of mortar they are also very easy to replace.