Paver Initial & Maintenance Costs

Maintenance & Paver Costs

Concrete Pavers
Moderate- Tightly fitted, uniform units are placed over a sand bed and a compacted aggregate base.
Immediately ready for use. Can be installed by homeowner. Factory made pavers last for decades.

Cobble Stone
Very High
- Each unit must be fitted together by hand.

Stamped Concrete
- Difficult for homeowner to install. Requires special equipment to stamp stone or paver patterns into surface. Surface sealer often used.

Clay Paver
Concrete base often required which increases cost.
Inconsistent dimensions make units slow to install and difficult to maintain straight pattern lines.

Ordinary Concrete
- Difficult for homeowner to install.
Must wait 5 – 7 days for hardening before use. Surface quality depends on weather at time of pour and expertise of installers.

Goes in quickly over compacted aggregate base. Can’t be installed by homeowner.

Crushed Stone or Gravel
Dumped and spread over soil (no base required).