Granite Pavers

Granite Pavers Introduction

Granite pavers are cost-effective substitutes to natural granite stone. These pavers, which duplicate granite’s natural look, are engineered to be more slip-resistant than the natural stone. These pavers are manufactured under extremely high hydraulic pressure through bonding crushed limestone and granite together within a colored cement matrix that duplicates natural forces. These pavers are ground to reveal the natural granite chips’ beauty.

These granite pavers can also be shot-blasted and honed in order to come up with a slip-resistant, high-strength, and granite-like paver. As these pavers can be used in interior and exterior applications, matching pool copings and stair treads can also be purchased. These pavers are smoother in appearance as compared to the more homogenous bluestone pavers. Thus, the bevelled edges add more to the pavers’ slip-resistant qualities.

The granite pavers add trip-hazard protection in residential and commercial pedestrian applications. Moreover, bevelled edges prevent these pavers from chipping, which can happen in the pavers’ corners. The bevelling also helps hide uneven and unsightly levelling. These pavers are best used in contemporary projects – whether they are residential or commercial projects.

As a natural stone, one of granite’s most important attributes is permanence. People of the ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans had used granite in their buildings, many of which are still standing. Granite can also be easily maintained and granite also has its own timeless beauty. Granite pavers come in various colors like grey, white, mauve, yellow, crimson, pink, and black, among other hues. These pavers also come in various and fun patterns and shapes like fan, basket weave, concourse, half-course square, cobble-lock, running bond, and herringbone.

Granite pavers are used in a wide variety of applications. Landscaping architects and contractors use them for their aesthetic merits and durability. Particularly, they can be used in walkways/pathways, rotundas, driveways, steps, pool areas, patios, and garages.

Because of the various colors of granite pavers and steppers, the array of shapes, patterns, and colors allow for maximum customization. This is great for singling out a homeowner’s property in a positive manner for its beauty and uniqueness. While using these pavers may be more expensive than other pavers, the benefits that one can derive for many years can more than compensate for its somewhat high price.

The right design and hiring the right contractor can guarantee that one’s granite paver surface can last a long time. The homeowner is sure to enjoy his or her property for many years to come.